* We all believe that the future of any country lies on how well developed is the education system of that country.
Though gaining a professional degree is not possible for everyone due to various reasons, but what actually matters is the basic education. That is, one should know how to read and write.

*Indian education system has come a long way and major changes have been made there is still a long way to go. though some change have been implemented, there is always scope further improvement and a better education system in our country.

According to the statistics, 500 million people are unable to get access to education. There are many mindsets that pose a hindrance to the Indian Education System. A lot of corruption and loopholes are prevalent in our education system these days.
Rote learning is the act of learning or memorization in repetition. Students mug up the information rather than understanding the concepts. Rote learning is a bad way of learning and it can kill students critical thinking and creativity. Memorizing and puking in exam and forgetting should be stopped. We should realize that rote learning will not take us in any way. Parents should not force their children to get higher ranks, rather they should Our country has already got many programmes for teachers. They should be trained on a regular basis. Moreover, the teachers should be trained in a way such that they know their rights as well as duties.REGULAR forask them to focus on their forte and skills.
Teachers always castigate students to think outside the box and stress them to get higher marks in exams. Thinking out of box enhances student to foster creativity, innovations and critical thinking.

Few steps which government, schools, colleges and universities can improve the education system in this country, they are:


The syllabus which is taught in schools and colleges are antiquated and obsolete, which doesn’t fit into the modern world scenario. To improve the schools and colleges in India, the university authorities and government should focus on research and development of the syllabus. A better syllabus with more credibility in today’s fast-growing of modern education should be implemented.


Every citizen of India has been given a Fundamental Right to Education(RTE) but it has not been so effective in India, this makes the citizens uninformed about their fundamental rights and duties. The government must work on creating more awareness on these rights so that it can be used effectively.


Parents are equally important so that they do not force their children for career which do not actually interest them. Also, the necessary steps to be taken to augment and improve the communication between teachers and parents.


Most of the schools which are operated by the government lack infrastructure and facilities. There is no proper furniture, classrooms, library, playground, accessible drinking water and laboratories. It needs to be maintained so that the teachers can set the classroom in a learning environment for students.


Lao Tzu said ,”Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This expression is just part of the full proverb, If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. It focuses on the idea that long-term benefits are more useful than short-term benefits.

Focus should be on Skill-based education. It should be introduced at a basic level. Students can choose in any areas of their interest and excel in that particular field. For eg: If someone loves trying hands in handicraft items training should be provided and so on. Skill-based training will ensure one thing that is self-employment


Most of the population in India stay in the rural areas. We should have schemes and school should provide good education to children in villages. Also, it should be assured that good and experienced teachers are there to impart education to children.


Along with theoretical concepts, practical knowledge is a must. Theoretical concepts are what the knowledge is about whereas practical knowledge helps to demonstrate the actual way of working and way of handling. Practical knowledge also helps to perceive the concepts in a precise manner.


Not only our education system but as a society, we Indians are obsessed with Doctors and Engineers. Due to this very reason, other streams are highly overlooked. A lot of schools which have brilliant structure of education in the streams of Science and Maths fail to provide a good structure for other streams such as Arts, Commerce, Literature and languages which are often neglected in many schools. A lot of students who are interested in Arts, literature, languages etc are forced to take science because of the society pressure. This rat race needs to be countered. Parents need to nurture their child according to their interests.


Students should have the last one hour of school to do activities that they are interested in. Schools shall introduce activities like drama, music, singing, sports, science, computer and all the students would be given a proper introduction to all the activities. Extra-curricular activities are also a key component in sustaining a youth’s interest at school. These activities help students to improve life skills and personality.


Some schools and colleges are focusing on smart classes and libraries. With the help of smart classes the students can learn things in an easy way. If the government introduce e-library, students can easily get access to good quality books. Online education will also help the students to have easy access to world-class education.


Due to the quota system, most of the children don’t get admission to schools and colleges. Removal of the quota system will give equal opportunities to all, bring a major change and improvement in the education system.


Our country has already got many programmes for teachers. They should be trained on a regular basis. Moreover, the teachers should be trained in a way such that they know their rights as well as duties.


The teachers should provide good quality doubt clearing support to the students. These things will help students to overcome their weakness. Another area that needs to improve is health education. We should include sports, yoga and other workouts in our education system so that the children learn the value of good health and maintain it for a long run.

“Remember, the education system of ancient India has made its significance all across the world. So why not achieve another milestone in education by making some improvements. With hard-work and implementation we can take our education system to the whole new level.“

So, you can now figure out the logic behind the EDUCATION SYSTEM OF INDIA;A COMPLETE OVERVIEW. But there is still much to say. If we described it in detail, the article may became boring. Therefore, Keep patience and forget thinking about mistakes. Learn the fault you made in your failure, plan smartly with confidance. Go again and meet SUCCESS. All the BEST


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